The Queen ~ romantic and modern

La Reine Pédauque has been in commercial service on French canals for almost 100 years and the oldest barge sailing in Burgundy. Many things were kept in their original state, which turned her into todays jewel ~ still she is constantly furnished and upgraded.

  • Electrical Currents: 380/220/24 Volt
  • Professional Kitchen & Laundry
  • Wheelchair Elevator
Comfortably equiped

We are fully equiped. All suites offer private bathrooms, smoke alarms, safes and more. The salon has a multimedia centre, games and internet terminal. 24 hours free WiFi.

  • Both Decks are climatized
  • Kingsize Beds and private Baths
  • Open Ship's Bar, all Beverages included
  • Satellite TV, Media Centre & free WiFi
Some Technical Facts

The Reine Pédauque is a swimming museum made of steel, a huge machine with suites, salons and sundeck. She was built to fit the locks perfectly ... more on board later.

  • Our Tonnage: 250 tons
  • Overall Length: 38,5 m | 126 feet
  • Draught: 1,45 m | 5 feet
  • Our Boduin Engine: 100 HP